food processing in a better - testier - utterlydifferent wayA state-of-the-art food processing technology Developing and implementing the Nbread food processing technology



The NBread process is a new food processing technology allowing to transform fruits, vegetables and cooked food into a ready-to-eat product-base under a form close to an alveolate loaf bread. Its qualities can be declined as follows :

  • A genuine and freshly-cooked component ( up to 90% of natural or cooked ingredients),
  • An adaptable final base whose texture can range from smooth to cracking,
  • Amazing organoleptic qualities ensuring a reassuring and savoury approach ,
  • An unlimited potential wide range of savours (sweet, salty, homecooked...) and foremost,
  • A bread-like handling of the product which can ensure its developing into snacks or « right-from-the hand » products.


A short and continuous additive-free industrial process equally ensuring the change of condition of raw plant, animal and cooked materials, An obtained texture serving as a base for a variety of finished goods. Preserved savours and nutritional qualities Finished goods with high tasty and nutritional values designed to limit use waste

  • A gluten-free product
  • A unique texture
  • Preserved organoleptic qualities
  • An adapted L.C.D
  • An original and familiar « bread-like » handling
  • Mastered I.C.P.
  • An Original and healthy way to add value to all kinds of food products


Primary and secondary processing industries :

  • Enhancement of the value of agricultural products into a new condition,
  • A simple and upgraded solution to by-products.
  • Catering services and central food production units:
  • Toast bites of original food processed products serving as side-orders to menu proposals
  • Take-away units : a new tasty and dietary alternative to the sandwich of the future.
  • Bakery and Pastries : Natural, creative, macaroon-like Premium bites.
  • Nutritional food-processing industries : easy-to-handle hyper-proteinated applications intended for use for elderly people and in health-related domains.



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